ActivityStreams for

This is an unofficial ActivityStreams server for It can also be used as a library.

For more details on ActivityStreams, see the specs, wiki, and the source for this site.

This is the API endpoint:

These are the XRD and XRDS-Simple (deprecated!) discovery endpoints:

The Twitter v1.1 API requires OAuth 1.1a authentication. For the demo below, just click the Authenticate link. For programmatic access, if you include an access token in a request to this provider in the access_token_key and access_token_secret query parameters, or pass them to the Twitter class constructor in the library, they'll be used to sign and authorize requests to Twitter. See the demo for an example.

This app does not store or use any data, yours or anyone else's. It only reformats data and passes it through in response to your own HTTP requests.

Questions? Contact Ryan or the ActivityStreams mailing list.


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